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Let’s face it. Nobody likes to receive bills, and your customers are no exception. But with some extra invoicing techniques, you can both highlight your company’s value and make the process of paying bills more convenient for your clients.

1. Tailor Your Invoices.

The way you communicate can make all the difference. Provide customers with plenty of information to reduce conflict and questions. While these tips don’t apply so much if you only do stipulated sum billing, if you bill for additional services or expenses, they can still be helpful.

If a customer tends to argue about every line of your invoices, it might make sense to send them less detailed bills, so there are fewer things to pick apart. On the other hand, if a customer frequently calls, asking for more details, you may want to itemize more. Whichever way your customers lean, try to accommodate them to make the process more pleasant.

2. Include Details When You Can.

If your customers don’t tend to dispute every item on your invoices, there are a few other reasons why it’s helpful to itemize them. The more details on your invoices, the more you’re pointing out all the work that you do for them, and your customers will routinely see a full list how your company provides value.

Also, include zero-charge items on your invoices. It’s a way of reminding customers of the extras you provide and how much it cost you. They’ll be more appreciative, and if you have to charge for those items later, you’ll have more evidence of your efforts to back that up.

3. Offer Early Payment Discount.

Offer your customers a small discount for paying by a specific date. They’ll be happy to take advantage of the deal, even if they’re only getting a small amount off.

4. Go Digital.

Many companies and individuals are going paperless. It’s more convenient to have everything instant, searchable, and secured, so it makes sense to offer your customers the options to receive and pay invoices online. Digital billing and payments also tend to speed up your cash flow. Emailed invoices arrive immediately, and clients can pay right then.

Every time you invoice your customers, you are communicating the value of your services and the quality of your work. Follow these simple steps, and you’re bound to end up with customers who are happy to pay you for your services.

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