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Cleanliness is not only “next to godliness,” it is next to business success. According to a survey conducted by Facility Executive, 95% of consumers agree that cleanliness can ‘elevate a good business into a great business.’ Results of this survey reveal the importance of cleanliness to business success and the negative effects it has when there is a lack of.

As a business, cleanliness is a vital factor in determining customer comfort around the business premises and affects the health and safety of individuals in the workplace.

The parking lot is the first contact customers will have with your business, and it is very important to make sure this first impression is a good one.

So it doesn’t matter if you are a starting Freight Broker or any other business with a parking lot, it is essential to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety practices. Dirt and debris are often associated with poverty and crimes. If customers get the impression that their vehicles are not safe, they’ll go to your competition.

Here are 5 reasons your parking lot should be swept regularly:

1. Cleanliness Promotes Health And Safety

Health and safety are important matters; around the home and in the workplace. Most states have certain requirements regarding health and safety, and some even ensure that certain criteria are met. Sweeping a parking lot may not be part of these requirements, but it is implied that a dirty parking lot may bring about health-related issues.

Individuals who suffer from conditions such as asthma require a clean environment because dust and dirt can easily trigger an attack. The last thing a business needs is having customers choke in the parking lot before they even make it to the front door.

A dirty parking lot also opens up the opportunity for pests and rodents to infest and nest on your parking lot and surrounding areas. Mice alone harbor over 200 easily transmitted pathogens that can lead to diseases and health complications.

According to JP Pest Services, over five billion dollars’ worth of structures is lost to termite attacks annually. Plus, pests such as ants and cockroaches can easily hide in customers’ vehicles and be transferred to their homes.

Regular sweeping of the parking lot promotes health and safety by keeping disease-causing pests away. These pests are usually attracted by food waste. Regular sweeping removes this food waste to ensures pest infestation is avoided. Sweeping also eliminates hazards that may cause damage to a customer’s vehicle; such as rocks, broken bottles, metal cans, and nails.

2. An Unkempt Parking Lot Sends The Wrong Message

 A dirty parking lot sends the wrong message. For one, a dirty environment hides its beauty and exposes its flaws. A business with competition cannot afford to send the wrong signals to its customers.

The parking lot is an essential part of your facility, and the message it sends will be associated with your business. For example, dirty and poorly finished structures are easily associated with low income while a well finished and clean environment will be associated with higher quality. Although regular sweeping may not portray luxury where there isn’t, it does reflect a sense of orderliness, control, and care.

Dirt and debris can cause the stripes and signs on your parking lot to fade. Water and chemical residue especially can erase these lines and create confusion for traffic in the parking lot. Regular sweeping helps to keep spaces organized and reduces the chance of confusion from unclear lines.

A well-kept parking lot radiates confidence; visitors can depend on this confidence when they park their vehicles.

3. Cleanliness Limits Liability

Legal actions can be a hassle for individuals and businesses. A legal action may dredge up time and consume tons of resources for your business. A dirty parking lot exposes businesses to numerous legal loopholes. Although it is not illegal to leave a parking lot dirty, the adverse effects may lead to serious legal complications.

The Romain WILSON v. James C. ALLDAY, et al. ‘slip and fall’ case of 1986 is an excellent example of legal trouble a business can go through. In 2011, an incidence occurred, caused by the “dangerous condition of a parking lot” and legal action was taken. There are similar cases all over the world, so it is essential to ensure that the parking lot does not leave a business open to law legal action from lack of sweeping.

Accidents, injuries, and losses resulting from a dirty parking lot can lead to lawsuits and possible settlement for damages. Instead of spending considerable sums of money in settlements, it is a lot cheaper to channel a smaller fraction into a regular sweeping schedule and maintenance of your parking lot. This way your finances, reputation and time are saved.

4. Dirt Can Deteriorate Your Parking Lot

Dirt and debris can lead to speedy deterioration of your parking lot through surface damage and erosion. Dirt may clog up drainage systems, resulting in water gathering in unintended parts of the lot.

Regular sweeping helps to remove these blockages, remove water waste and other causes of erosion. Erosion when left unchecked, can cause asphalt damage, creating cracks and holes in the pavement that may lead to accidents.

Regular sweeping reduces accidents caused by damaged or uneven pavement and other damaged areas of the parking lot. Areas that are swept regularly generally last longer than those left to rot.

5. Cleanliness Makes A Good First Impression

How can a business expect to maintain a competitive edge when the first impression of them is a dirty parking lot? When the parking lot of a business is unkempt, visitors also assume the business is poorly run and disorganized.

Your parking lot is the first contact customers have with your business. And this first impression should not be of a dirty, unkempt, and hazardous mess. The first impression should be of a strong, confident, clean and reliable business as reflected by the condition of the parking lot.

This is a guest article by Philip Matric.

Philip writes a variety of articles on Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Shipping, Medical, and Logistics related subjects. Philip is known as somewhat of a pie connoisseur, with a broad interest in many topics and areas of writing.

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