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You might already know that all Schwarze® Regenerative Air; street, airport and parking lot sweepers are equipped with the industry leading Schwarze® Whisperwheel™. But did you know that this blower fan system utilizes a backwards inclined closed-face radial type blower with 10 curved blades? And did you know that the use of this type of fan is proven to be the most efficient way to move large volumes of air by the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA)?

According to AMCA the 5’ wide and 32¾” diameter of the Whisperwheel™ fan produces 20,000 CFM of air making the curved blades literally “knife” at the air, creating a stronger air stream for better transfer of material and pickup capability.

What’s that creeping through the night?

The Schwarze Whisperwheel™ has also been proven through testing to be 70% quieter and use 20% less fuel than the fan systems on competitive models. This quieter operation allows Schwarze® sweepers to be utilized in residential areas at night without being a nuisance to the residents. As for the 20% less fuel, in times like today when fuel prices continue to climb this is a large savings when figuring the operational costs for a day, week, month or budget year.

Hardox Abrasion Resistant Steel

The Whisperwheel™ is constructed of Hardox Abrasion Resistant Steel. This steel is the hardest workable steel available and also used as armor plating by the US Military. The use of this type of steel allows Schwarze to have a balance tolerance of 1.5 grams on each side of the fan. This level of tolerance allows for operation of the sweeper at much higher RPMs, if needed, without putting excessive vibration on other sweeper components. Extending the life of those sweeper components and the Schwarze® sweeper overall.

If you have any additional questions or would like to know more about the Whisperwheel™ or other Schwarze® products. Please contact us here. And one of our Schwarze sweeper specialists will be glad to help you.