With an ever-present focus on safety, working toward the elimination of incidents in your company is a top priority.

One of the best ways to make progress toward the elimination of injuries on the job is by creating a culture of safe operators. A safety culture is defined by OSHA as the “attitude, beliefs, perceptions, and values that employees share about safety in the workplace.”

Here are three tips to help you work on creating a strong safety culture.


What issues do you currently face and what is your goal? Keep your needs in mind when creating your culture. Before you can create a culture of safe operators, you must determine what your core safety values are.


Be sure to consistently communicate the safety messages during meetings, in written communications, and through signage. Creating a safety culture is all about teamwork. You want to ensure that everyone is on board for change and growth. Listen to team member concerns or suggestions, take appropriate action and make your operators feel proud of being safe and reward them for it.

And Get Started

Many people get stuck starting a program. Planning is great, but the action is what makes things happen. You can always re-evaluate needs as issues come up, but if you never get started, you will never realize results. And if something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to try something new.

What have you done to build a safe operators culture at your workplace? Do you participate in any of the above or do you have other ways? Let us know through our Facebook page or visit www.schwarzestories.com to submit your own story.

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