Replacing a solenoid

A step-by-step guide to replacing a solenoid on your Schwarze sweeper. Note: This video is intended as a general guide for maintenance tasks. Specific procedures may vary depending on the model. Always consult your operating manual for detailed directions and … Continued


Safe operation of the sweeper is the responsibility of a qualified operator. A qualified operator has read and understands the sweeper and Operator’s Manuals and is experienced in sweeper operation and all associated safety practices. If any part of the … Continued

A7 Tornado – Introduction

The Schwarze A7 Tornado air sweeper is mounted on a standard production truck chassis, providing the operator with unmatched convenience and comfort. Several options are available, including air conditioning and dual steering. This air sweeper uses a ‘closed loop’ to … Continued

A7 Tornado – Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is comprised of electrical control switches, hydraulic pumps, control valves, hoses, motors and hydraulic cylinders. Energy is transmitted from the sweeper’s auxiliary engine to the dual output hydraulic pump unit by means of a direct-drive gear. The … Continued