With their smaller wheelbases, non-CDL sweepers are very maneuverable, which is important when sweeping tight, confined areas. Non-CDL sweepers also tend to be lower in operating and maintenance costs and total cost of ownership. Municipalities are very budget conscious. Non-CDL … Continued

Why Move Your Car?

Street sweepers cannot eliminate all garbage and pollutants completely. People and businesses contribute such a significant amount of waste to the environment every day, over 250 million ton each year according to the EPA, that there are simply not enough … Continued

Foreign Object Debris

FOD, or Foreign Object Debris, costs the aviation industry millions of dollars every year. This financial impact comes from direct costs such as damage to engines or airframes as well as indirect costs such as; flight delays, cancellations, and lost … Continued

Construction Sweeping

One of the leading causes of pollution cited by the EPA comes from construction vehicles tracking dirt out from construction sites. Sediment and other pollutants washed from trucks can quickly end up in other water bodies or stormwater, which is … Continued

10 Steps To a Safer Fleet

Despite yellow warning signs flashing strobes and lights, sweepers can still be a magnet for mayhem. They move slow, and are highly visible, but there are still many crashes involving sweepers. Safety is more important in the sweeping industry than … Continued

Beat Fatigue With These 5 Tips

Operator fatigue is a serious safety issue. Operator fatigue isn’t just about falling asleep but also about tiredness, weariness, or exhaustion. Fatigue slows reflexes and affects an operator’s ability to concentrate and respond to conditions and increasing the chances of … Continued

Pre-Owned Sweeper Deals

Throughout 2016, the sales of pre-owned sweepers sometimes felt like a roller coaster ride. The Schwarze reconditioning center saw sales of pre-owned sweeper trucks, go up from May to June, then falling from June to July. Several factors contributed to … Continued

10 Sweeper Maintenance Tips

A good preventative maintenance program is the best cost-benefit value to your sweeper. Every sweeping contractor and municipality should have a program in place to catch any loose parts, misalignments, vibrations, etc. early on. Vital sweeper systems and parts must … Continued

Double Wire Braid Hoses

Did you know that Schwarze uses durable, anti-corrosive, double wire braid hydraulic hoses on all its sweepers as an extra measure of safety? Double wire braid hydraulic hoses are made of synthetic rubber lining, protected by two wire braid reinforcements … Continued