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Regenerative Air

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Schwarze street sweepers are heavy-duty chassis mounted regenerative air sweepers that have over 20 years of successful operation in the United States and around the world. And features like Schwarze Sweeps-In-Reverse℠, WhisperWheel℠ Fan system leaf bleeder and In-cab hydraulic gutter broom tilt allow your operator to be efficient and productive.

Schwarze street sweepers are equipped with the best is public safety features to keep your operator and the pedestrian and vehicle-driving public safe and alert to driver actions as well. Special value features like hydraulic test ports and slide-out screens provide quick work of maintenance items so your sweeper spends more time make you money and less time in the shop.

Schwarze regenerative air street sweepers use forced air to create a swirling effect inside a contained sweeping head and then use the negative pressure on the suction side to place the road debris inside the hopper. Debris is removed from the air by centrifugal separation and reused, keeping particulate matter inside the hopper. All Schwarze regenerative air sweepers are AQMD certified and can pick up particles as small as 10 micrometres or less (PM-10) which a leading cause of stormwater pollution.

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