Mid Michigan Sweeping Services

Dear Brenda:

I am sending this thank you letter to let you know how much I appreciate the work your company did for me in February of 2014. The repair your people did on my sweeper was very important to its operational efficiency. My Company is very small and the need to not only have repairs done correctly but in a timely manner is crucial. Down time can not only hurt the bottom line but it can also result in lost customers. As you know I came down on a Sunday and you did the repair on Monday. I was on my way back to Michigan Monday night. I really can’t ask for better service than that. Once again thank you for all you did. I can assure you that with service like that and a product that has never let me down in the past 15 years I will continue this great relationship and recommend you to anyone.

Brian A. Chapman
Mid Michigan Sweeping Services
Stockbridge, Michigan.


Dear Howard May,

This letter is written to express my complete satisfaction with the services provided by Schwarze Industries in providing us with new trucks as well as reconditioned trucks. Over the years I have bought numerous Schwarze trucks from M6000’s to the latest vacuum parking lot sweeping trucks.

I purchased a new vac truck in 2012 and already one in 2013 but wanted to do something more with our trucks with high miles. I decided to have a 2007, S348-I reconditioned with a 2013 chassis but keep the secondary engine as well as the stainless steel hopper. Bill Manning and his energetic reconditioning team did a fantastic job with our new truck. The time frame was around two weeks and the cost was in budget to what was quoted. Bill kept me informed of the process along the way and when something had to be replaced for new and why. The truck has been in operation for a few weeks now and the driver says the truck drives and sweeps “like a brand new truck”.

Please give a special thanks to Bill, and the rest of his crew for a job well done. I truly believe Schwarze is producing the best trucks they have made in years. If someone is looking for a new truck or wants to get one reconditioned I highly recommend Schwarze. I appreciate the many years of doing business together and look forward to more to come.

Best regards,

Rob Pitman
Owner, Envirosweep
Indianapolis, IN