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Pure and Simple.
Schwarze präsentiert den Hypervac Vaccum Street Sweeper – Ein neues Materialtransfersystem, das den herkömmlichen Breitkehrbesen ersetzt, den Kehrguttransfer verbessert und das Abschrubben der Bodenfläche über die gesamte Reinigungsbahn ermöglicht. Im Gegensatz zu Breitkehrbesen mit Ansaugrohr folgt das Kehrsystem des Hypervac dem Straßenverlauf ohne Schwierigkeiten.

Dieses moderne Transfer- und Abschrubbsystem bewahrt seine Leistungsfähigkeit auch bei großvolumigem Kehrgut, beispielsweise bei Laub und schwerem Material wie Sand, Kies und getrocknetem Schlamm.

Schwarze présente la nouvelle balayeuse de rue Hypervac Vacuum Street Sweeper – Un nouveau système remplaçant la balayeuse traditionnelle au large balai et améliorant le transfert de matériel tout en permettant le nettoyage de surface sur toute la largeur de balayage. Contrairement aux larges balayeuses tubulaires, la disposition de balayage de l’Hypervac permet de facilement suivre le profil des rues.

Ce système avancé de transfert et de lavage est tout aussi efficace pour les matériaux encombrants, tels que les feuilles, que les matériaux lourds, tels que le sable, le gravier et la boue séchée.
Schwarze introduces the Hypervac Vacuum Street Sweeper- A new material transfer system that eliminates the traditional wide sweep broom and improves material transfer as well as allowing surface scrubbing across the entire wide sweep width. Unlike wide sweep tube brooms, the Hypervac’s broom array easily follows street contours.

This advanced transfer and scrubbing system is equally as efficient in bulky materials such as leaves and heavy materials such as sand, gravel and caked on mud.

When Schwarze decided to enter the highly competitive pure vacuum sweeper market, they did not want to be yet another manufacturer to provide yet another pure vacuum sweeper.

So Schwarze set out to change the pure vacuum sweeping technology to keep the desirable vacuum sweeper features such as the ability to remove fines from gutters and pervious pavement while overcoming some of the typical pure vacuum sweeper drawbacks.

To eliminate these flaws meant that Schwarze needed to address some key functions in several areas.
Schwarze Industries introduced the new revolutionary Schwarze HyperVac pure vacuum sweeper at the PWX show in Orlando, Florida. Introducing an entirely new material transfer system and dust separation that reduces the release of contaminant air typically seen in pure vacuum sweepers.
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