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M6 Avalanche Street Sweeper

M6 Avalanche™

Dirt & Debris Don’t Stand a Chance


The Schwarze M6 Avalanche™ is earning its reputation as the premier heavy duty mechanical broom sweeper in the American marketplace.

The versatile Schwarze M6 Avalanche™ sweepers offer many of the design innovations that have become the Schwarze® hallmark. The Schwarze® Easy Change Conveyer System™ makes it a breeze to repair or replace a conveyer. Or go from a squeegee type to a belt type conveyer on the same machine. The free float, impact resistant, drag shoes take lateral impact from milling cuts, manhole covers and curbs and flexes back into place.

13 Rubber Flights on Squeegee Type Conveyer
Removes debris from main broom quick for increased heavy debris sweeping
Computer Controlled Cutting & Forming Process
Guarantees a uniform and consistent cut part every time
Hydraulic Test Ports
Reduces troubleshooting time with use of quick-disconnect gauge ports

Centrally Located Control Components
Electrical controller, Hydraulic Directional Valves, Pneumatic Valves & Regulators, Water Pump, Valves & Filter, Auxiliary Engine (TE Models), Hydraulic Reservoir (TE Models)

TFT LCD Color Display
Hourmeters for Engine & Brooms, Hydraulic Oil Temperature, Engine Temperature, Oil Pressure, Water Level, Tachometer, Voltage, and on-screen indicators for each function

10 Gauge Steel Hopper with 3/16” Hopper Floor
Longer life expectancy and reduced cost of ownership
Innovative Design
Several Patents Pending
Hot Shift PTO
Eliminating the need to feather the throttle for needed power in most stringent of applications (Single Engine)
Engine Shutdown System
Reduces the risk of engine failure due to overheating or low oil pressure.
Oil Cooled Deutz Engine
Heavy duty Tier 4i engine does not require a radiator, so there is less maintenance and less overall cost of operation

Load Leveler
Allows for an increase in usable capacity, less dumps during a shift and increased production

48” Dump Door
Gives operator ability to dump into center of dump bed or container without the need for a side shift
3:1 Design Factor in the Design of the Hopper Lift System
Longer life expectancy and reduced cost of ownership

Hopper Interior Illumination
3 windows and sealed LED lights for inspection of hopper & conveyer day or night
The M6 Avalanche™ may be mounted onto either of two standard production conventional chassis. These are the Freightliner M2 or International 4300.
The M6 Avalanche™ Twin Engine is also available in a cab-over version mounted on an Autocar Xpert cab-over chassis.

Brass & Galvanized Steel Spray Bars
7 Brass nozzle, front spray bar
4 Dual nozzle, gutter broom spray bars
5 Nozzle, main broom spray bar with quick-release for easy access
Each nozzle has separate tip filters

Polyethylene Main Broom Cover
Eliminates rust and corrosion and does not dent
3” Air Cylinders on Main Broom
Better main broom adaptation to the road surface & reduces leaving material in street

Main Broom Lift
Uses same pneumatic cylinders used for suspension, to lower, lift and lock broom in up position for travel.

Separate Sweeper Air Tank
Adds to air reserve and protected by a priority safety valve
Pneumatic (GEO) Gutter broom Extension Override
Infinite lateral in-cab adjustment from fully retracted to fully extended

Easy Change Conveyer System™
Remove conveyer in just minutes. Change from belt to squeegee conveyer or for easy repairs to conveyer or housing
Modular Componentry
Reduced repair time and cost of ownership
Two-Piece Hardened Steel Conveyer Floor
For longer life expectancy and reduced cost of ownership

Corded Rubber Belt Conveyer with 13 Full Width Cleats
Carries larger debris without stalling the conveyer
Reversible Conveyer
Provides a more efficient way to thoroughly clean the conveyer
Fan-Jet Nozzle Conveyer Washout
For thorough washout of the conveyer system, extending life expectancy of all components

Six Sense Controls™
Six programmable configurations give the operator the ability to press one button and sweep, while various sweeping conditions and functions are previewed prior to activation via display
The M6 Avalanche™ Twin Engine has a dependable Deutz diesel engine that provides power for all sweeping functions, while the M6 Avalanche™ Single Engine sweeper functions are powered by the chassis engine via an Allison 3500 series transmission.

Backlit Switches with Text and Icon Labels
Rocker switch for each function that changes color when activated
45 Second Dump Cycle
Faster dumping for increased production and efficiency
35 Gallon Hydraulic Tank
Reduces heat buildup which creates a longer life expectancy for key hydraulic components
Parking Brake Interlock Safety
Does NOT allow hopper to be raised or tilted unless brake is set

Free Floating Trailing Arm Drag Shoe
Better contact with ground to minimize debris trailing

Main Broom Curtain
Returns any debris, that may have been carried over the broom, back into the sweep path

Direct Drive Hydraulic Motors
Gutter Brooms, Main Broom and Conveyer direct coupled to high-torque hydraulic motors

PM 10 Certified
Meets AQMD 1186 requirements to pick up and contain harmful particulates
Color Coded & Function Imprinted Wiring Harness
Easily identifiable wires reduces maintenance downtime
50 PSI & 5.88 GPM Elect. Diaphragm Water Pump
Single powerful pump provides atomization of the water for excellent fugitive dust control
Hopper Hinge Points Do Not Collect Debris
Clean design prevents material buildup
LED Lighting
Increased visibility on the streets
Pneumatic Trailing Arm Gutter Brooms
Greater flexibility and give around obstacles. Full in-cab control of broom down pressure

High Capacity 5 Micron Water Filter
Extends life and service intervals of water valves and nozzles

Scissor Lift Slide Blocks
Provides more surface contact and better lift stability and self-lubrication reduces overall maintenance

In Cab 27 Degree Hydraulic Tilt
Allows on the fly gutter broom adjustments without the operator leaving the cab

49” Diameter Gutter Brooms
Better debris transfer towards main broom for less trailing and better sweeping ability

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