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SuperVac Updraft Parking Lot Sweeper

SuperVac Updraft™

1 Customer Focused Product
The Schwarze® SuperVac Updraft™, mounted on a choice of three fuel-efficient V6 chassis, has a durable fully welded stainless steel hopper that is high corrosion & abrasion resistance with increased structural strength.

The Updraft has all LED safety lighting, external stainless steel inspection door latches and easy open lever to open the dump door from ground level. It also received a sophisticated water cooled electronic fuel injection 30 HP auxiliary engine, the industry leading Schwarze WhisperWheel™ Fan Technology, and optional gutter broom or curb blower.

Schwarze Industries was excited to unveil and showcase their latest customer focused products at the National Pavement Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The show provided the ideal platform for us to show our new products to so many sweeping contractors.
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