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Mechanical broom sweepers pick up debris not normally accepted by conventional regenerative air sweepers; this can include debris of varies sizes consequent to asphalt milling operations, rocks, stones, construction debris and broken masonry.

The main broom is rotated against the road surface to brush debris in the forward direction onto a mechanical elevator. This elevator has a set of parallel flights that push the debris along an inclined floor pan to carry the debris upwardly for deposit into the hopper.

As the pile of debris in the hopper accumulates and increases, the debris tends to gather in the back of the hopper while other areas of the hopper are comparatively unfilled.

Sweeper operators often used to address this problem by abruptly applying the vehicle’s brakes to cause the debris pile to slump forwardly against the front wall; away from the rear wall of the hopper. This solution, while temporarily effective, tends to cause premature wear of the vehicle brakes and tires.

Schwarze™ Load Leveler

The Schwarze Load Leveler increases the usable capacity of the hopper by evenly distributing debris (both wet and dry) inside the hopper. It actually increases the usable capacity up to 25% without driver intervention. Not only does the load leveler increase the amount of collected debris, it also increases productivity due to less time dumping and eliminates excessive wear (as well as adding comfort for the operator).

Aside from being available as an option on the Schwarze® M6 Avalanche™ the Load Leveler can also be retrofitted to any pre-owned Schwarze Industries M6000 Sweeper.

If you have any additional questions or would like to know more about the Load Leveler or other Schwarze® products. Please contact us here. And one of our Schwarze sweeper specialists will be glad to help you.