The City of Dickinson has taken delivery of a new regenerative air sweeper built by Schwarze Industries, LLC of Huntsville, Alabama. This machine will offer several state-of-the-art advantages designed to provide a cleaner environment for our citizens.

This sweeper will run a regular route covering the entire City and running daily Monday through Friday. The sweeper should cover the whole City each week, so long as weather permits. The sweeper is one of four pieces of heavy equipment the City has purchased on a lease agreement this fiscal year and has an annual lease payment of $50,852.46.

This sweeper is equipped with a regenerative air process that recirculates dirty air created during operation, rather than exhausting it into the air as dust that could be full of allergens. The thorough cleaning action also reduces the number of stormwater runoff pollutants that could potentially enter our rivers and streams. These features are designed to provide greater compliance with the U.S. EPA Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. The sweepers are mounted onto standard production truck chassis, allowing the sweeper to be operated by anyone on our staff who holds their CDL.

Public Works will begin using the equipment next week, and residents should see it in the community daily.

“This addition to our fleet will provide much-needed daily maintenance for our drainage system while providing our residents with an invaluable service,” said City Manager Theo Melancon. “We are thankful to our Council, Finance Department, and staff who worked tirelessly together to budget for long-overdue items such as this.” 

To learn more about the new street sweeper and view a video of It In action, visit our website at

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