Extending sweeper broom life is an important part of street sweeper maintenance.

Regularly checking your broom bristles is a small time investment that can yield significant savings on replacement brushes.

1. Don’t buy the cheap stuff.

It might seem like a good idea to buy inexpensive brooms, but you get what you pay for. Bargain brooms often offer short brush life and ultimately aren’t worth the lower price.

Someone is always willing to sell for less, but the cost of a broom is dependent on the quality. Reducing quality will lower the cost, but it will also increase the wear rate.

Investing a little extra in a quality broom results in longer brush life and better service on the streets.

2. Make sure all broom bristles are in serviceable condition.

Just as keeping tires properly inflated can reduce gas mileage, keeping brooms in good working order can reduce sweeper broom wear. A little upkeep goes a long way.

Gutter broom bristles should be replaced when they are worn to approximately 7 inches in length. When gutter broom bristles are allowed to wear shorter than this, the bristles gradually become too stiff and lose their ability to flick debris, and excessive broom wear can occur.

3. Don’t use too much down pressure.

The most common cause of prematurely worn-out brushes is using more downward pressure on the brooms than necessary. The extra friction created when brushes make too much contact with the surface cause the bristles to wear at a faster rate.

4. Use the proper broom angles.

Another source of premature wear is an incorrect angle of the gutter broom.

If the forward and the outward tilt angle is not set correctly, the broom may require excessive contact pressure to function or have too many bristles in contact with the street surface.

Adjusting brooms to the correct angle will help extend the life of the brush.

5. Train before putting them on the road.

Unnecessary wear caused by excessive down pressure and improper broom tilt can be prevented by teaching operators how to adjust the sweeper brush to the right settings.

Operators should learn what pavement surface contact pressure and what gutter broom angle adjustment are most effective for the required sweeping application. Most sweeper manufacturers provide very detailed instructions on setting brooms for optimum sweeping performance.

Proper training and good operating and maintenance habits can make a world of difference when it comes to extending your street sweeper life.

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