Did you know that the Schwarze regenerative air sweepers have advanced side broom controls?

Series Hydraulics Circuits

Most air sweeper hydraulic circuits operate in series that drive the left broom with hydraulic oil and exhaust it from the one on the right.

While this may achieve similar speeds across the two brooms as the oil flows through both motors, it cuts the available torque in half, in essence making them single broom sweepers when used to sweep heavy material. This means, to be able to efficiently sweep heavy material with both brooms, you need to run the sweeper engine at full speed to prevent the brooms from stalling.

Parallel Hydraulics Circuits

The Schwarze A7, Tornado, A8 Twister and A9 Monsoon regenerative air sweeper hydraulic circuits operate in parallel with a full-size pump for each side broom.

Both the left, and right side brooms have full torque available all the time! The hydraulic pump that operates the side brooms has approximately twice the capacity than the pumps used on other air sweepers. This capacity is extremely important for high side broom performance. This also means you do not need to use full throttle, even in heavy dual broom applications.

The larger Schwarze regenerative air sweepers also have in-cab broom speed control as standard equipment; this means that side broom speeds can be optimized all the way down to 1200 rpm. The ability to sweep heavy at such a low speed has three benefits:

– Less fuel use
– Less noise emission
– and less sweeper wear

The chart below shows just how much less fuel is used by being able to sweep at lower engine speeds. Note how the Schwarze sweeper broom speeds can be kept in the optimum range all the way down to 1200 rpm. This means a real fuel savings of two GPH and even more just because the side brooms can be matched to required speed range.


Furthermore, the Schwarze sound measurements also indicate that the in-cab noise level drops as much as 10 dB by just being able to sweep at 800 rpm less.

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