Revolutionizing Milling with Advanced Street Sweeping Technology

In the fast-paced, cost-conscious milling world, contractors need every advantage they can get. The traditional methods of cleaning are often time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly. Enter Schwarze mechanical street sweepers – a game-changer for the milling industry.

Efficiency in Timing

The timing of the milling and paving process is crucial. Any delays can lead to significant cost overruns and project delays. The Schwarze M6 Avalanche solves this problem by providing unparalleled efficiency and reliability. This high-performance street sweeper minimizes downtime, enabling contractors to remain productive and on schedule.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Productivity

The M6 Avalanche has impressive advanced features that streamline and simplify milling. Its variable-controlled conveyor and broom speeds allow for precision control, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the project’s complexity. The one-button sweep/standby feature facilitates easy operation, while the 45-second dump cycle and operator presets enhance productivity by reducing the time spent on routine tasks.

Reliable and Easy to Maintain

Reliability is at the heart of the M6 Avalanche’s design. With its Canbus Troubleshooting system, operators can quickly identify and address issues, minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity. The easy maintenance and repair design further enhances the M6 Avalanche’s reliability, leading to improved revenues for contractors.

Real-World Efficiency

The M6 Avalanche isn’t just efficient on paper; it’s proven worth in real-world applications across the American marketplace. Its superior efficiency is recognized across the industry, making it a trusted choice for contractors nationwide.

Superior Products, Superior Results

Schwarze Industries is committed to delivering superior products that meet our customers’ needs. Our M6 Avalanche is a testament to this commitment, offering unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and advanced features that make it an ideal choice for milling projects. We understand our customers’ challenges, and we’re here to provide solutions that help them succeed. Schwarze mechanical street sweepers offer a multitude of benefits to milling contractors. From their advanced technology and features to their ability to boost efficiency and save costs, these sweepers are revolutionizing how contractors approach their work. With real-world success stories attesting to their effectiveness, it’s clear that Schwarze sweepers are the future of milling.

At Schwarze, we’re not just selling products – we’re selling solutions. Solutions that helps you save time and money and maximize efficiency.


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Watch these short videos to learn more about the features and benefits of the M6 Avalanche and why it is the top choice for DOTs and contractors by watching one of the videos below.

The Schwarze M6 Avalanche


The M6 Avalanche Milling Features

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