A commitment to preventive maintenance is crucial for your sweeper. We have compiled 10 of the most common maintenance mistakes that sweeper owners make.

The most common maintenance mistakes are:

1. Ignoring engine lights or warning indicators that show up on the console. The longer you wait, the higher the repair costs could become.

2. Neglecting fluid checks. Brake fluid, transmission fluid, oil, engine coolant and power steering fluid should all be checked and serviced according to manufacturer recommendations.

3. Not using filters as recommended by the manufacturer. Clean filters protect the sweeper’s fuel and engine from dirt particles and other contaminants.

4. Not cleaning the hopper daily. Cleaning helps avoid dirt accumulation, which will generate rust as well as restrict the airflow and the performance.

5. Not adjusting or replacing your side brooms. The side brooms are designed to move the debris from the curbs to the path of the sweeper. As the curb brooms wear, they will require adjustment. The curb broom bristles should be replaced when it is no longer possible to achieve the strike pattern to clean the curb efficiently.

6. Not inspecting your water system. Inspect the water filter daily to make sure it’s kept clean, and the spray nozzles are clear. Repair or replace the inoperable water system components to keep adequate dust suppression for your sweeper

7. Servicing your sweeper without the proper know-how. Leave repairs to qualified technicians with the right tools, knowledge and diagnostic equipment. Or sign up for one of the many Schwarze sweeper training classes.

8. Not having the brakes inspected at the first sign of trouble. If you hear squealing or grinding noises, the brake system needs to be evaluated as soon as possible.

9. Not checking your tire pressure regularly. Even when tires appear properly inflated, they could be low.

10. Not changing the windshield wipers. Windshield wipers degrade over time, leaving streaks that can diminish your ability to see the road and other vehicles clearly.

Inadequate maintenance on your sweeper can actually drive costs up rather than provide a perceived savings. You’ve heard the phrase, “Pay me now or pay me later”. It’s true. And the ‘later’ usually means larger. Inadequate maintenance can also result in a piece of equipment that’s not safe to operate. It can become a hazard to the operator and the general public. Be smart and be safe.

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