Cleanliness is a key factor, not only in supporting your business but also in determining the overall success and growth of your business. The cleanliness of your parking lot is just as important as that of the interior of your building.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why it is so important to retain a professional sweeping contractor on a regular basis:

1 – If your business’ exterior is neglected, potential customers will expect the internal cleanliness and other affairs of your business to be poorly run as well.

2 – A cluttered parking lot projects an image of not being successful. To be successful, one must project an image of success at all times.

3 – It’s impossible to develop or retain a competitive edge if your parking lot is unkempt.

4 – Even the most beautiful landscaping is made ineffective by a parking lot cluttered with debris.

5 – People will be hesitant to venture into a parking lot full of trash, due to potential tire damage.

6 – Sand, dirt, and debris are abrasive and will shorten the life of the pavement, its seal coating, and striping.

7 – When a parking area is clean, visitors are less likely to throw trash out of their cars when they visit.

8 – A parking lot that remains unswept for an extended time, will attract rodents and other potentially disease-carrying animals.

9 – Keeping litter picked up reduces the chances of slip-and-fall injuries and reduce potential liability in resulting lawsuits.

10 – Dirt and debris deteriorate paving material. Especially if enough collects to start plant growth and roots cause cracking in the asphalt.

In today’s highly competitive market, business property managers just can’t afford a tarnished image caused by cutting back on parking area maintenance.

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