I Make America: Driving the Future of Manufacturing in the United States

As the world’s economy continues to evolve, the importance of manufacturing cannot be overstated. Through the years, various initiatives and campaigns have been launched to promote different manufacturing areas. One such campaign is “I Make America,” launched by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).

What is I Make America?

“I Make America” is a national grassroots campaign dedicated to dramatically increasing jobs for America’s manufacturing and construction community. The initiative represents the 2.8 million men and women in the equipment manufacturing industry, an essential pillar of the US economy.

History and Development

Launched in 2010, “I Make America” started as an initiative to promote American manufacturing and construction around key issues. The campaign has since evolved into a significant grassroots effort with over 40,000 supporters, including manufacturers, industry experts, policymakers, and community members.


Over the years, “I Make America” has achieved significant support from various communities, policymakers, and manufacturers. The campaign has successfully organized rallies, town hall meetings, and other public events that have significantly increased awareness of the importance of manufacturing.

“I Make America” has inspired over 10,000 people to send letters to Congress, increasing support for a long-term transportation bill that will create hundreds of thousands of American jobs. The campaign has also helped to secure the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, which supports $50 billion worth of US Exports annually.

How It Works

“I Make America” has effectively leveraged social media, digital advertising, public relations, and partnerships to promote its message. The campaign has also collaborated with local and national organizations to promote key issues and increase manufacturing awareness. In addition, “I Make America” has tapped into the power of its volunteers by empowering them to bring attention to crucial issues affecting the US manufacturing industry.

Challenges and Overcoming Them

“I Make America” has faced several challenges, including legislative hurdles, funding constraints, and labor shortages. To overcome these obstacles, the campaign has relied on strong partnerships, innovative strategies, and a persistent commitment to its mission.

According to Dennis Slater, President of AEM, “I Make America is a grassroots effort that gives a voice to the men and women who build America. Our coalition has grown tremendously over the past years, and we’re excited to see our efforts’ impact on the public perception of our industry.”

“I Make America” has contributed significantly to promoting the vital role of manufacturing in the United States. The campaign has garnered significant support from stakeholders across the industry and the country through its various initiatives. Its success in promoting a positive image of American manufacturing can be attributed to its innovative approach, committed volunteers, and strategic partnerships. Moving forward, “I Make America” looks set to continue its work toward supporting the American economy by driving job growth in the manufacturing and construction industries.

For more information about I Make America, visit: www.imakeamerica.com


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