The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) located in Boise, Idaho, covers the entirety of Ada County, including the six cities within it, and is responsible for maintenance and improvements to Ada County’s local roads and bridges.

The district, established in the early 1970s, has a fleet of 22 sweepers, including Schwarze M6 Avalanche and A7 Tornado sweepers to sweep approximately 2,100 miles of roads and streets. Sweeping crews operate these sweepers all year round, and some of them now have a new colorful look.

The ACHD held a contest to design a new wrap for their sweepers and Olivia Kocher; a 12th-grade Graphic Design student enrolled at the Dennis Career Technical Education Center, won and was recognized for her accomplishment earlier this year.

With the theme “What goes down the drain goes down the river,” Olivia wanted to show, with her design, how something can be so beautiful but also what happens if we neglect it.

ACHD surprised Olivia by bringing one of its Schwarze A7 Tornado with her design to the Dennis Center for the awards ceremony.

Olivia received a gift card, and certificate for her design and the ACHD will be giving out additional awards for other art that will also be featured on its sweeper trucks.

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