Dear Brenda:

I am sending this thank you letter to let you know how much I appreciate the work your company did for me in February of 2014. The repair your people did on my sweeper was very important to its operational efficiency. My Company is very small and the need to not only have repairs done correctly but in a timely manner is crucial. Down time can not only hurt the bottom line but it can also result in lost customers. As you know I came down on a Sunday and you did the repair on Monday. I was on my way back to Michigan Monday night. I really can’t ask for better service than that. Once again thank you for all you did. I can assure you that with service like that and a product that has never let me down in the past 15 years I will continue this great relationship and recommend you to anyone.

Brian A. Chapman
Mid Michigan Sweeping Services
Stockbridge, Michigan.

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