Pure vacuum sweepers are great for removing fines from gutters and pervious pavement. Operating like giant vacuum cleaners, they remove debris from the surface with ease and depositing it into a debris hopper. However, the fan air is then simply exhausted out of the body, still laden with fines, and that is just one of the many drawbacks of a typical pure vacuum sweeper.

Additional shortcomings of most available pure vacuum sweepers on the market today include:

Small Side Brooms – The small side brooms on vacuum sweeper never seem to be able to reach debris deep in the gutter. Even when the debris can be reached, the small light-duty brooms just can’t handle the heavy load of a typical spring clean up.

Small Vacuum Pickup Path – Vacuum sweepers are restricted to a sweeping path of about 28 to 32 inches. A wide sweep tube broom is required to transfer materials from under the sweeper and into the nozzle path. Because vacuum sweepers often cannot operate with both gutter brooms, multiple passes are necessary to remove debris from the road completely.

Unable to Pick Up Heavy Debris – Heavy materials also pose significant challenges to the typical wide sweep tube broom. Not only does a wide sweep tube broom struggle with heavy material, but it also has trouble sweeping highly crowned roads. Another disadvantage of vacuum sweepers is that the sweep tube broom tends to fill pavement irregularities with debris that the suction effect isn’t strong enough to remove

Broom Wear – Because of the long length of the sweep tube broom and its inability to follow the contours of the road, sweep tube brooms wear uneven and quickly, especially on those highly crowned roads. This is made even worse because the brooms are typically made from polypropylene.

Small Nozzle Hoses – The nozzle hoses on vacuum sweeper are often as small as 8 inches in diameter, and more likely to become plugged with larger debris.

Dust-laden Exhaust – Vacuum sweepers re-release a substantial amount of debris and particulates into the atmosphere, which has been the subject of many regulations in several states across the country.

Schwarze recently announced the development of a pure vacuum sweeper that will solve these shortcomings. The sweeper will be available early 2018 and will be sold through Schwarze’s extensive dealer network.

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