Rain can put a damper on many of your activities. But during the rainy season, a lot of people make the mistake of canceling their regular sweeping services, and this does more harm than good, not only for your parking lot but also the environment.

Parking lots are covered with waste, whether you see it or not. There is a lot of chemical waste on your parking lot too. Oil, fuel, grease, metals and other chemicals. And when it rains, this waste is washed away by rainwater down the storm drain and into the public water system.

Why is this a problem?

Across the U.S., unmanaged stormwater runoff has caused severe damage to streams, lakes, and estuaries, especially where land uses change from rural to urban activities. It is taking its toll in Puget Sound, too. In Washington state, stormwater pollution contributes to 30 percent of the pollution in waters with some pollution problems. Most of the four million people who live in the Sound region contribute to stormwater pollution every day.

The Washington Department of Ecology estimates that one-third of all the polluted waters in the state are polluted by stormwater runoff. Stormwater pollution has contributed to closing thousands of acres of productive shellfish growing beaches. Stormwater runoff can also close swimming beaches and contaminate drinking water supplies.

That’s why we always recommend that customers maintain their regular sweeping services, even during the rainy season. You can work with your parking lot sweeper to postpone services if it rains during your normal appointment. But don’t cancel your services.

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