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New guidelines enable MS4s to earn 1 impervious acre of treatment per 1 curb lane mile swept with additional TMDL reductions based on sweeping technology.

Street sweeping is a non-structural best management practice (BMP) that can serve the entire community. Street sweepers equipped with catch basin cleaners can go to work immediately after purchase as opposed to structural BMPs like storm ponds that only serve a dedicated area and require engineering and construction. This makes sweeping the most cost effective BMP per impervious acre treated [King, Hagen, 2011]

Effective January of 2017, the EPA Final MS4 General Permit Remand Rule requires “clear, specific, and measurable permitting” conditions for measuring BMP implementation. In addition, MS4s that discharge to impaired waters must develop a total maximum discharge limit (TMDL) strategy and plan to reduce sediment, phosphorous, and nitrogen discharged into protected watersheds. The new ruling also requires greater public participation in the NPDES permitting process.

Schwarze wants to be your NPDES permit compliance partner.

Schwarze and our global dealer network understands your challenges and helps stormwater managers meet these conditions while being good stewards of taxpayer dollars. We work with municipalities to implement the correct sweeping technology to meet local EPA and state guidelines for impervious acre treatment and TMDL reduction. We also make sure the correct features are included to optimize municipal sweeping programs such as:

  • High dumps to reduce trips to the landfill so your sweeper can continue working and keep earning credits.
  • Catch basin suction hoses with high pressure water.
  • Telematics for integration with your GIS system to document work for compliance and show citizens that their streets and catch basins have been cleaned.

Please view our case study videos to see how these technologies are helping communities across North America achieve compliance with local stormwater regulations.

Public Participation
Since public participation is required in the permitting process, we also work with stormwater managers on outreach and education. Citizens like to see their tax dollars at work in the community, but often don’t make the connection between street sweeping and stormwater. We work with stormwater managers to get the message out, engage the public, and ultimately gain their participation. Here are some ideas:

  1. Sweepers are a great traveling billboard. We will work with your program to design wraps that promote “clean streets, clean stream” initiatives, or our popular “only rain in the storm drain” promotion.
  2. Children our best messengers when it comes to sustainability. They love to see and learn about sweepers at community events. This is a perfect time to engage them and their parents with respective educational materials. For the children Schwarze and our dealers assist with resources such as name the sweeper contests; coloring pages on street sweepers and the contaminants they pick up; and coloring sheets on contaminants that contribute to illicit discharge. For the parents it’s a good time to encourage family participation in adopting a storm drain near their home to keep it free of debris and stenciling it to notify neighbors that it drains to the river. Getting families to sign up for community clean up days along local waterways is another great activity and the sweeper can be used to load the debris for hauling to the landfill. It’s also a good time to get citizens to commit to small changes at home such as covering curbside recycle bins, reducing fertilizers, washing cars at carwashes, and not putting yard debris in gutters.
  3. Schwarze provides outreach videos that municipalities post on their stormwater web pages to explain the sweeping program, promote other best practices such as reducing illicit discharge, and promote community participation through stream clean up days.


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