The Benefits of Sweeping after RotoMilling

Sweeping is an integral part of the RotoMilling process and can produce better results at less cost. This technique removes dust and debris accumulating during milling, which helps keep roads and pathways smooth and clean. In addition to making surfaces more aesthetically pleasing, this also reduces wear on equipment due to particles flying around when the milling occurs.

Sweeping has a significant safety benefit as well. It eliminates any loose stones on the surface that could become dangerous if left after milling. Additionally, sweeping helps ensure that no material blocks drainage channels, reducing the potential for damage or flooding in case of heavy rain or snowfall.

In terms of maintenance costs, sweeping also provides a significant benefit; it increases the lifespan of pavements compared to those left uncleaned after milling. This is because dust and dirt accumulation on pavements causes friction between road materials and vehicle tires, leading to faster wear over time – but by using sweepers regularly, these materials are removed before they have a chance to accumulate, meaning less frequent repair work must be carried out to maintain a safe surface for vehicles traveling at high speeds.

Studies have shown that regular sweeping can extend pavement longevity as it helps prevent water from saturating or eroding the pavement’s surface. By removing any dirt or grit which may clog storm drains and make them ineffective, sweeping also contributes to better drainage, extending the life of pavements.

Cleaning pavements post-milling also has environmental benefits, such as reducing air pollution caused by wind-driven dust particles dispersed into the environment around us. Sweeping removes these tiny particles from surfaces before they can cause an environmental hazard, thus improving air quality and making roads look better!

Using sweepers after RotoMilling can serve both aesthetic and functional purposes while ensuring optimal performance from your roadways. Not only does it reduce maintenance costs associated with pavement repairs due to prolonged exposure to dirt and other particulate matter in our environment – its use also helps preserve air quality standards by eliminating the dispersal of microscopic airborne particles – making this a win-win situation for both industry professionals as well as citizens living nearby!

Fortunately, the Schwarze M6 Avalanche street sweeper is up to the task. This heavy-duty mechanical broom sweeper offers many design innovations that have become a hallmark of Schwarze Industries, making it an ideal choice for RotoMilling.

The M6 Avalanche is designed to take on even the most challenging sweeping tasks. Its rugged chassis-mounted design allows easy maneuverability, and its full-feature capabilities enable contractors to stay productive “in the cut” with variable controlled conveyor and broom speeds, a 45-second dump cycle, operator presets, and one-button sweep/standby.

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Watch these short videos to learn more about the features and benefits of the M6 Avalanche and why it is the top choice for DOTs and contractors by watching one of the videos below.

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