Schwarze Makes Donation to Still Serving Veterans

Schwarze Industries LLC recently donated $3,000 to Still Serving Veterans. The funds were raised through the efforts of Schwarze’s annual Christmas party where the Schwarze team selects an organization to donate to. Schwarze has partnered with Still Serving Veterans for … Continued

Schwarze Awarded ISO 9001 Certification

Schwarze Industries LLC is pleased to announce it has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Management System certificate by the SRI Quality System Registrar in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ISO certification is based on quality management principles including strong customer focus, motivation and … Continued

Chip Seal Sweeping

A chip seal is a thin protective wearing surface that is applied to the pavement. A chip seal offers preventive maintenance from the effects of sun and water, both of which may deteriorate the pavement structure, and also makes it … Continued

5 Reasons to Use OEM Parts

One of the big concerns owning a sweeper is maximizing your sweeper’s uptime. What do you do when it’s time for repairs or maintenance? Do you order parts from the manufacturer or one of its dealers? Or do you scour … Continued

Fuel Filters

“I have used non-OEM brand filters for years and never had any issues,” we often hear customers say, and when you’re talking about older fuel systems, this is not a surprising response. However, as demands for lower emissions, improved performance, … Continued

Schwarze named BBB Torch Award Finalist.

Schwarze Industries is proud to announce our recent recognition by Better Business Bureau serving North Alabama. Schwarze was selected as a finalist for BBB’s Torch Award for Ethics in the large business category. “We take tremendous pride in being honored … Continued

Air Filters

Diesel engines are tough and today’s engines are no less durable than before. But due to changes in exhaust emissions technology, they require extremely clean fuel and air to function properly. Today’s Tier 4 engines turbocharge high volumes of air … Continued


The challenge within the sweeping industry today is successfully igniting the passions of innovation while remaining focused on delivering the operational excellence required to sustain a company. There is no compromise in keeping the operation running effectively and efficiently, so … Continued

Dealing With Tough Stains

For general cleaning, pressure washing is a great cleaning option to remove stains and discoloration. But consider your stain type before you use a pressure washer. The use of a pressure washer on oil patches or set-in stains can make … Continued

2017 Hurricane Recovery Raffle Giveaway

The devastation created by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma is heartbreaking. Our fellow Americans need our help now more than ever.  Schwarze Industries, together with the 1-800-SWEEPER Foundation, has created a unique opportunity for members of the Power Sweeping industry … Continued

Don’t Get Scammed When Buying Used

The Internet has connected the world and has made it much easier for businesses to research and purchase used sweepers, but it has also made it easier for scammers to take advantage of people and then quickly disappear. You can … Continued


With their smaller wheelbases, non-CDL sweepers are very maneuverable, which is important when sweeping tight, confined areas. Non-CDL sweepers also tend to be lower in operating and maintenance costs and total cost of ownership. Municipalities are very budget conscious. Non-CDL … Continued

Why Move Your Car?

Street sweepers cannot eliminate all garbage and pollutants completely. People and businesses contribute such a significant amount of waste to the environment every day, over 250 million ton each year according to the EPA, that there are simply not enough … Continued

Foreign Object Debris

FOD, or Foreign Object Debris, costs the aviation industry millions of dollars every year. This financial impact comes from direct costs such as damage to engines or airframes as well as indirect costs such as; flight delays, cancellations, and lost … Continued

Construction Sweeping

One of the leading causes of pollution cited by the EPA comes from construction vehicles tracking dirt out from construction sites. Sediment and other pollutants washed from trucks can quickly end up in other water bodies or stormwater, which is … Continued

Summer sweeping tips to keep you safe

Whether you are a small contractor or have a large dedicated fleet, some simple safety precautions, preventive maintenance and driving tips can keep your sweepers on the road. When summer rolls around, a new set of safety, maintenance, and driving … Continued

Pre-Owned Sweeper Deals

Throughout 2016, the sales of pre-owned sweepers sometimes felt like a roller coaster ride. The Schwarze reconditioning center saw sales of pre-owned sweeper trucks, go up from May to June, then falling from June to July. Several factors contributed to … Continued

Idaho Sweepers Receive New Colorful Look

The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) located in Boise, Idaho, covers the entirety of Ada County, including the six cities within it, and is responsible for maintenance and improvements to Ada County’s local roads and bridges. The district, established in … Continued

Glued-On Dump Door Seal Replacement

When replacing a glued-on seal such as the dump door seal on your sweeper, some procedures should be followed to make the re-affixing of the new seal completely permanent. Cleaning After you have removed the old seal, thoroughly clean the … Continued