Diesel Engines

EPA emissions regulations have been progressing over the last two decades, leading up to the current Tier 4 Final diesel engines. Diesel engines require more stored energy to start than gasoline engines, especially on cold days. Instead of just using … Continued

Chip Seal Sweeping

A chip seal is a thin protective wearing surface that is applied to the pavement. A chip seal offers preventive maintenance from the effects of sun and water, both of which may deteriorate the pavement structure, and also makes it … Continued

Fuel Filters

“I have used non-OEM brand filters for years and never had any issues,” we often hear customers say, and when you’re talking about older fuel systems, this is not a surprising response. However, as demands for lower emissions, improved performance, … Continued

Air Filters

Diesel engines are tough and today’s engines are no less durable than before. But due to changes in exhaust emissions technology, they require extremely clean fuel and air to function properly. Today’s Tier 4 engines turbocharge high volumes of air … Continued

The Many Uses of WD-40

WD-40 is a handy product to have in your sweeper truck. There is very little this wonder product can’t do! WD-40 was invented in 1953 by 3 individuals working for Rocket Chemical Company setting out to create a rust prevention/degreaser … Continued


The challenge within the sweeping industry today is successfully igniting the passions of innovation while remaining focused on delivering the operational excellence required to sustain a company. There is no compromise in keeping the operation running effectively and efficiently, so … Continued